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Hey, I`ve been too busy working on other sites to develop one for myself. So in the meantime why not visit a few of websites that I have done to get a better idea of what I can do for you. These are links to sites that I have created and maintain. All my new sites feature full responsive design. These websites automatically resize and the layout changes to best fit different browsers and screen sizes, including smart phones and tablets. With the rise of mobile use, google gives much higher ranking to sites that are mobile ready.

New Web Sites

Featuring mobile to tablet to desktop responsive web design.

Karen Brown Antiques


Desktop version Surface MedicMobile version Surface Medic

Belleville Beer and Wine


Desktop version Surface MedicMobile version Surface Medic

Surface Medic

Surface Medic offers onsite surface restoration to bathtubs, counters, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. 

Desktop version Surface MedicMobile version Surface Medic

Older Sites

Martial Arts

Belleville Karate and Jiu Jitsu


Quinte Restaurant

Retail Stores

Bills Buy and Sell

Service Industry

ticTherapeutic Massage Centre


The next two are also businesses that I own. So not only can I design your website but I also understand what your website needs are from a business prospective.

Mr. Print Quinte Coupons