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Basic Services & Rates!

Step one  

You need to acquire a domain name and  hosting for your website. We use TELIZON. I can help you choose a domain name and set up your hosting: i.e. www.yourwebsite.ca or .com or other

Step two  

Building a new responsive and mobile friendly website. Google search engine now ranks mobile friendly websites higher in the search results, helping your new website get more traffic.

In short a basic website with 5-7 pages:
home page - about page – contact page – services page- information request form – a google map of your location if applicable - etc depending on your requirements

Your site would have links to relevant websites including your facebook page. FaceBook allows you to post current and more time sensitive content. Your website should have comprehensive information about your busines and what it offers, more resourse based.

Costs depend on what you require but on average it would be in the $1000 and up range to set up a professional looking website that will meet your needs .

The actual site can be built in stages and billed accordingly or we can just get the site built and done. I suggest starting with a one page info sheet so you have something on the web while your site gets developed.

To help a client get what they need, save time and reduce costs -- I often recommend clients take a weekend to search the internet and find a competitors website outside their service area that they like and feel would work for them. I then use this as a guide when setting up their own site.